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Larrys Fine Dining Range

Offering something a little different these tempting fishcakes are to our own recipes and are an excellent choice for any chip shop, restaurant, pub, sporting venue or corporate event menu. Supplied as a fresh or frozen product.

The Victorians introduced us to kedgeree as a breakfast dish. Our recipe has oak smoked haddock blended with sour cream, curry powder, coriander and Maris Piper potato. Delicious with a

poached egg.

Kedgeree Fishcakes

We combine Brown Crab meat with whitefish and season with red peppers, a hint of chilli, garlic and lemongrass to add that touch of the Orient to our renowned Northumbrian Crab Cakes.

"Far East meets North East".

Thai Style Fishcakes

Our line caught haddock has minimal environmental impact. To ensure top condition the fish are stored in ice so our fishcakes have the freshest flavour...guaranteed. Seasoned with onion, parsley and a dash of cream.

Line Caught
Haddock Fishcakes

Whether fresh or frozen, all our fishcakes can be either shallow fried, deep fried or oven baked, just follow our recommended cooking guides on the packet.

Scottish Salmon Fishcakes

 Scotland’s crystal clear waters gift Scottish salmon it's unique qualitiese that are world renowned. We use the finest fillets and infuse with cream, onion and parsley.

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