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"Winter is on it's way"

what you need is a Larrys "Nordic" style woolly hat...

Thanks to Riley Pickup, son of. David Pickup from fish merchants Frank Round

Thanks to Claire Bannigan of AAK UK

Dude with sunglasses is Austin Dack, editor of Chippy Chat magazine.

...can be worn "cute style" or go for the "cool look", want one!

they're FREE to Larrys customers, just contact your wholesaler.

As you can see our "Larrys Nordic Hats" are proving very popular...

Wooly hat couple (snow).PNG
Wooly hats (group 1).jpg

...suitable for all occasions...

Thanks to Tim Caden & Vicky Young

Wooly hat (calum richardson).PNG

...or not, as the case may be !

Thanks to Calum Richardson worn by the best dressed...

Thanks to Douglas Colbeck, Austin Dack, Craig Foster & Georgina Colbeck

Get a "Larrys" hat, send us a photo and join our gallery.


Thanks to Austin Dack

Wooly hat (3 people-love chips).PNG

Thanks to David Henley, Lisa Henley & Dave Patterson at Henley's of Wivenhoe

Wooly hat (girl pink top).JPEG

Thanks to Katie Trott

of Cathedral Forklift Trucks

Wooly hat (bearded guy).PNG

Thanks to Phil Trott

of Cathedral Forklift Trucks

Wooly hat on bust.PNG

Thanks to ?

Wooly Hat (SFC backdrop).PNG

Thanks to Barbora

of Wester Ross Salmon

Wooly Hat (truck cab).jpg

Thanks to Chris from Colbecks

Craig Foster with friends Calum Richardson (owner of multi award winning "The Bay") and Jimmy Buchan (from the "Trawlermen" TV series), as they are all in the trade are these pictures "SHELL-FIES".
Try our excellent "Fresh Fish Pie"
Made with chunks of prime scottish salmon, north sea cod, kiln smoked haddock and coldwater prawns. Covered with a thick creamy Bechamel sauce, garden peas and topped with fluffy mashed potato. At 350g and taking just 5-6 minutes in the microwave this serves up a generously portioned fish dish, that tastes & smells great.
"We should get a few fishcakes out of this"
Jenny Foster with a sprag (cod)
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