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A Brief History

Larrys pics Young Jean.jpg
Grandad Larry Small.png

​In 1960 Great-Grandad "Larry"

(that's where our name originated) started making fishcakes for the local fish & chip shops, they became very popular with both the public and the



Daughter Jean and brother Larry took over and the business grew steadily during the 70’s and 80’s.


During this period we

introduced new products to our range. Employing family

members helped us continue the strong sense of pride in the quality & taste of our fishcakes.

We're still very much a family business, with three generations keeping the wheels turning and proud to say we are probably the oldest fishcake manufacturer in the world.

The company continues to grow with an impressive list of clients and products. Over the past years we have introduced our "Fine Dining Range" featuring traditional and exotic tastes, we also offer "Bespoke" where the product is tailored to your requirements.

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